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  • Hurratul Maleka Taj

Scattered Dots

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

We have all been able to look back and connect dots in our lives for what happened, why it happened, the underlying lessons and how we evolved from one step to the next. But we have all found ourselves in situations when the dots don't connect, when we try hard to analyze why this is happening when you did not even move in that direction, we cannot make sense of it, everything seems too jumbled up and we are not able to connect the dots.

When we are unable to connect the dots, I've always learnt later through my experiences that we are mid way and that we need to wait some more time to be able to connect the dots , the lesson underlined is due, to have patience and trust the process.

Also, there is a difference between who we are and what we want. Until our journey to becoming what we want does not complete, we will stay with what we are and that what we want will always be distant.

Yes it is easier said than done but the fact is whether we keep the patience or we don't the process will take its own time and our extra effort to fast pace it will not make it so but might just make us more frustrated for sure.

The above lines definitely do not imply to not take the desired actions in the right direction, but to be mindful of what we want, who we are and how to go about the process to move to the frequency of what we want to become from the place of who we are at this point and with that it is established that we can get to anything we want, if and only if, we work towards building ourselves from who we are to becoming what we want, to get to what we want.

Simple as this.

Until next time

Rise and Shine,

Hurratul Maleka Taj

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