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  • Hurratul Maleka Taj

To Pause

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

In our lives where we are always on the mode " RUN " it takes a lot of effort to hit the PAUSE button.

When I look around we are constantly chasing, some are chasing career growth, some are chasing happiness, some are chasing peace, some are chasing social media followers. Why are we not happy with what we have, why is there a constant chase ?

There is a thin line between chase and growth, being aspirational and being desperate.

How does one analyze and understand this thin line. There is only one way. That way is giving ourselves that time where we PAUSE, analyze, understand and then act. Most of us are stuck in the vicious cycle of taking quick actions which lead to consequences we may not necessary find synchronous to our true essence and then convince ourselves life is not perfect and it is okay we need to keep going.

Some breaks are good. Breaks help us to rethink, realign and then reroute. If you are moving without a map chances are close to zero that you will land at a place which you desire. Everything in life, personal journey or professional progress needs a map, a plan. But once you have the map, it needs those pauses where you hold and analyze your progress in the desired direction. These breaks help you look at the new aspects, take into consideration the new avenues life gives, the bumps midway, the new lessons learnt and add those gems to redesign your path at different points in your life. Sometimes you will find that your life will change the plan 360 degrees and you will find yourself redesigning from scratch. Has happened with me many times.

The key here is that a life of depth and a life where you are in control of your mental, physical , spiritual journey which we also call KARMA, the small part of our life where we do have control over our life, the rest being not in our control, we will see 99% people would move on an auto-pilot even for the places in life where they can take a 100% control and decide. The reason is lack of awareness, lack of being able to take a pause and being able to give themselves that time that is needed to move out of the rat race to carve a path that is true to our essence, something we truly desire.

To be able to get there, what we truly need is a break. Most people will not give themselves this break because the outcomes are very intangible and sadly in this world we value only the things we can see with our naked eyes and measure with the parameters that are available to us. All things which are not measurable or are intangible are considered non worthy of attention by majority.

In life the most important answers come from within, when you are ready within that space where you will know how to find answers, you will never have a moment of fear or frustration. We are weak when we cannot look within, those are the times we look for external help and external approvals, when that place of seeking external disappears and you find a place where you know how to deep dive within, you will be at a place of bliss.

So take that break. Do not become a part of the rat race. Take the break.

Until next time,

Rise and Shine

Hurratul Maleka Taj

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