The journey to everything out there, starts within.

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Hurratul is a 3 x founder, passionate about building interest based communities and strongly believes in the power of collaboration for bringing new possibilities to existence. She has built ventures in e-commerce and community space and is committed to levelling the playing field for women in entrepreneurship space. With her ventures Chics Connect ( EWON ) and Casa Rozen she enabled many women entrepreneurs to connect collaborate and create, empowering them to bring their ideas to life.  

In her words...

Women do not need empowerment, they are already empowered, they are the ones who bring a new life to existence. What we really need is, change in our society of how we define and limit different roles, specific to genders and how we can rather focus on bringing together the best of the two genders at the workplace to make this world a better place. Why does it have to be about competition, we can also work with collaborative efforts. When things operate from a place of collaboration and not competition, there is a place for everyone and growth is exponential in such an environment where there is focus on bringing better solutions to the problems than competing with others for the limited gains. 

Also, I firmly believe that in the work place women should be provided with a flexible schedule, especially for mothers to newborns who are multi-tasking, up until the child moves to an age where he/she can achieve some independence, a mother has a significant role to play and often many women drop off from the work places because they do not have a flexible co-operative work environment. 

Change begins with us, what we need is to ask for it ! It begins with us, you and me and so we should not hesitate to voice out for what we believe in.




Life - Beyond What World Calls Normal

One day we all will become a story, are we leaving it an inspiring one for the coming ones ? Will it be a story of an easy sail or a...


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