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  • Hurratul Maleka Taj

Life - Beyond What World Calls Normal

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

One day we all will become a story, are we leaving it an inspiring one for the coming ones ? Will it be a story of an easy sail or a story of storms and lessons and some victories that would change the planet for better ?

The questions above encompass in it a lot of deep treasures because with so much emphasis on progress and success, progress in the materialistic world with emphasis on accumulating wealth, cars, property, emphasis on pushing our younger generation to excel and defining success only in terms of numbers, where becoming that successful robot who is accepted by this world is more important than having a life of purpose, of becoming a human being who has empathy, compassion, a heart that feels another heart and a mind that knows the difference between ethical and destructive.

Nothing beautiful in this world can happen without a beautiful human mind behind it because it all starts with a beautiful thought that then turns into actionable steps and reality. But for that human being to be able to have those beautiful thoughts we need this society to nurture our children with values that can differentiate between ethical and evil, where they can understand that progress of one should not come at the cost of other human lives and that the progress today should be inclusive of a beautiful world tomorrow.

But are we really focussing on nurturing our younger generation for the holistic development where what world might term as normal might not fit in.

The rat race the young minds are being pushed into, how far will it take them ? We have teenagers who have anxiety, we have suicides every year because of the academic and peer pressure and yet we want to keep doing it because we want to put the burden of our dreams onto them in the form of expectations that may not be even practical. Why can't we live with this reality that not every mind can make a machine or work on algorithms, not every person can be an entrepreneur or businessman or surgeon or scientist. Why can't we have artists and poets and writers ?

The answer to these we often hear especially from parents is that we have to be very practical because we need our children to do well financially. Well, first of all it is a myth that certain fields will have better opportunities to earn than others, it depends largely on the skill set and what a person does in that field. I have seen many engineers done very poor and many artists do extremely well financially, and so it is high time we change these notions.

What is important is that we truly give our young minds a chance to explore what feels like an easy, effortless and enjoyable work to them and progress in that field because when they will find it enjoyable, even the times where they have to overwork it will not burn them out and the bumpy roads will also keep them going. Not everyone can do tech, not everyone should do tech, imagine a world where there are no artists or writers...

What the world calls normal is relative and the more you try to fit in the more miserable it will become because you were born unique for a reason, let that reason drive you to limitless possibilities and not confine you into fitting in the moulds that others think are normal according to them.

What do you think about this topic, leave in comments below. I would love to do more podcasts, videos and articles on similar topics. Feel free to put in comments your views and ideas.

Love and Light

Hurratul Maleka Taj

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