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  • Hurratul Maleka Taj

There is NO SUBSTITUTE to .............?

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

If you ask me today for which one thing there is not substitute in life, the answer is a simple one. This small word might seem insignificant but what I write here can be life changing. That word is DISCIPLINE. You don't need big jargons and fancy checklists, what you need is discipline in life. Discipline is the ability to follow a defined routine without fail, no matter what. We are all humans and our mind needs training when we set out on paths that are new, discipline is that path.

Discipline in food, in habits, in thoughts, in exercise, etc. When I refer to discipline, it actually means discipline in everything you do. Also, the good news is discipline in all sectors of life can lead to extraordinary results but the bad news is there is no guarantee that someone having discipline in one sector for example work life, might have it with his exercise and food also.

Look at our grandparents, my grandmother wakes up at 5 AM sharp and she has her time for prayers, exercise, cooking, nap time everything well defined and it never shifts drastically unless she is not well or she is travelling, exceptions that we all have.

Extraordinary life and greatness comes with discipline and I don't think there is any substitute to that. Take life of any man who is extraordinary, and extraordinary is not just measured with monetary success alone but it is measured with the impact someone's personal success has in this world for the larger good and development on this planet. Many people put their whole life for gathering only for themselves sometimes even at the cost of loss to this planet and society , they may seem to have all gong right for them but for me this can never come under greatness. Greatness is when you uplift and empower others while you are on the journney. There is no harm in having extraordinary for ourselves, if we realise that extraordinary should have the same extraordinary positive ripple effect for the people of this planet.

Extraordinary is also realising that what we call ours is not ours.

So for the extraordinary people one of the uncompromisable trait is definitely discipline. Discipline gives you strength to control your life from moving away from the mean, (its desired state) and even if the slight deviations occur it again moves towards mean.

Discipline does not mean you do not move to new experiences. It means you have the power to recalibrate and organise everything that your life's routine and your good habits get a priority and you are in a peaceful state mentally, spiritually and physically.

Would love to hear form you, your experience with discipline and how it has changed your life.

Rise and Shine

Hurratul Maleka Taj

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