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  • Hurratul Maleka Taj

Life - Beyond Identities

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Life beyond identities, what does it even mean ? Aren't we all limited in our minds with the strong identities that we have. Identities such as Nationality, Race, Religion, Caste, Culture, Socio- economic status, Education etc. etc. and the list goes on...

When we are born, we are taught many many things, these repetitions and early teachings leads us to form strong identities in our minds. It starts with small things like our family, our culture, our country etc. and as we grow it moves to we identifying with our religion, caste, economic status etc. and these identities in our mind gradually imprison us to become slaves of rigid orthodox lifestyle leading to strong discriminating life decisions and ultimately creates a divide amongst all of us with a clear demarcation of yours and mine, where this yours and mine, both are segregated basis caste, religion, colour, country, race etc. etc.

This puts us to a very important question, what are we teaching and preparing our kids for ? A future where the world is divided basis identities or a world where we are united as ONE.

Are we raising them to be associated with other fellow humans as An Indian, An American, An Asian, A Hindu, A Muslim, A Christian, judging people they meet with colour of their skin, the language they speak, the region they come from, the community they belong to etc. OR are we raising our children to look at others as a Human Being without underlying differences.

When we live with differences we live with limitations. When we live with limitations we are imprisoned in our own strong boundaries, boundaries that do not let us explore the limitless possibilities that life brings us. But what is most alarming is that these limitations sometimes turn to animosity, hatred, a place where there is YOU and ME and this divide sometimes comes with costs as high as human lives.

Will we never have a world where we teach our children concepts of being a global citizen, a society that does not judge other with skin colour, a society that empowers those in need and distress and a heart that feels the pain of another heart.

Are we never going to teach our children that no matter whatever wealth they accumulate, if they do not put it to good use, one day they will have to leave it back when the body turns to ashes.

Are we never going to teach our children the basic concepts of life such as, " Nothing ever was, ever will be permanent. "

Today we focus on conditioning our children to be strong, smart, competitive, guard their secrets, work for accumulating wealth their whole lives, have power, and do everything that is driven towards self interest first and in some cases not even look beyond.. Will that ever change to conditioning our children to be compassionate, sensitive to other fellow humans, to be honest and stand on the side of truth not matter what, to protect themselves and every human in need, work on not accumulating but on giving back to this world because whatever we have is temporary, we are all on a journey that will be over one day, to work in the interest of this planet and its people and not be driven by selfish personal interests.

We all have just one life, we can either accumulate or give back, we choose the former or latter the truth is at the end we will not take away anything, our body will turn to ashes and what remains is a story that would either be a story of leading a selfish life with a one sided focus on materialistic gains or a story of giving back, a story of compassion and love and a story of empowering many lives for better.

This one life we choose to live with identities that divide us or live with compassion, empathy and oneness that unite us ?

Do leave your ideas and questions in comment section below, happy to respond.

Love and Light

Hurratul Maleka Taj

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