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Faith and Fear

Updated: Jul 4

This whole post is dedicated to my grandmother, my everything, the one who brightens up my days like nobody else, the one who taught me everything and become this human that I am today. Compassion, love, courage, kindness, unconditional giving and the list of these beautiful words can go on if I have to describe her. Like all of you, I also have never seen God for real, I know we are here so there has to be some higher power for sure, but God comes to me everyday through her. I experience God in a living body through her, other than ofcourse every single cell that exists in this universe which is this energy's creation we call God. I am blessed to have her in my life and if this was a letter to God where I had to write anything I could, I would only be grateful that I was gifted to this this woman to be nurtured and raised in her magnificent Godly presence.

I am writing a book on her because for her magnificence to be captured in few words, that's close to impossible. Sometimes I feel, will I ever be able to capture it in words at all. I don't know of the right words that would do justice to who she is. You will have to meet her someday to know what I am talking about. Dripping in pearls and diamonds of compassion, kindness and love, her life mantras always leaves me speechless.

My grandma always tells me this one thing that I am about to write here and she is not just about words, I see this come to life in every breath she takes.

She says, " Beta, faith and fear cannot exist together in your heart "

This one line has the essence of who we call God, the energy that has created us and everything around us. Energy is everything there is and faith and fear are two opposite energies that can never co-exist. If you say you have faith but then you have doubts and you also have fear, then that means you don't have faith. There is no mid way to faith. Period.

If there is fear. There is fear. There cannot be faith where there is fear. Period.

Having said that some moments in life which bring in fear and doubts lead us to the path of faith and though a lot of us experience this, very few will be able to pay attention to the same because not everyone is on the path to seek and so those who are seeking will experience the bliss that faith brings in.

When we go to temples, mosques, churches, we surrender to the higher power, God. We go with faith and if there is faith there is no place for doubt or fear. I see people talk about God and religion and yet they are fearful and doubtful in everything they do, why ? If you believe in God then who do you fear ? Some people make other people fear God and I find this the most ironical. Why would you fear the creator if you are on the path of righteousness. You will have doubts and fear when you know inside that you are on a misleading crooked path and it is not aligned with the higher power and that you Karma will be awarded with a punishment instead of a blissful reward.

When you are aligned with the energy that has faith, faith that universe / God has your best planned because you never chose to be here on this planet at first place, so then your Karma and everything gets automatically aligned. I am not saying we don't choose our Karma, I am saying that our energies aligns it automatically in the direction of faith and a place where positivity flows, where our Karma is governed with the energy of faith and positivity.

When your energy is aligned to the universe's higher energy, some people call it faith, some enlightenment, some meeting God ... how I would put it is, you feel bliss.

Keeping it simple just remember the basic " Faith and Fear cannot exist together in one heart " and then your life will go through an unexpected blissful change.

When your Karma is aligned to the higher energy, there will never be a place for fear.

Sometimes the graph will be on peak and sometimes there will be deep valleys, but those valleys are sometimes the critical reason why our life climbs up an unmatched peak and remember, in life dots can only be connected backwards, so you can never see that peak unless that valley happens and once you reach that peak only will then you realise why that valley was so important.

If you are in a valley, if you have faith, you will soon be out of it. Hold on right there !

The other part about faith is that it can't be instilled in you, unlike fear which can be instilled in you. We were not born with fear and doubts, look at an infant, he/she is fearless, always fearless. Our basic system never had fear, but it sure had love, love, the energy which is the essence of our life.

Faith can't be taught, faith can't be forced, faith can't be pushed. Faith happens to those who have a clear conscience and an energy that aligns to the higher energy there.

Not everyone has to understand it, not everyone has to believe it right now, they will get there when they get there.

Here is wishing you a life where this is FAITH and LOVE !

Rise and Shine,

Hurratul Maleka Taj

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